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”A company called Emotional Brain in Almere, the Netherlands, is looking at a more personalized approach, says chief executive Adriaan Tuiten, developing separate drugs that either increase activity in a woman’s excitatory brain circuits or reduce the activity of inhibitory circuits — the choice of agent depends on the woman’s genetics.”

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Our research

Clinical studies have shown that a large percentage of adult women worldwide suffer from sexual complaints. Low desire is consistently reported as the most common sex-related complaint. As a result, many women are dissatisfied with their sex lives, which can severely impact their social and emotional wellbeing.

This has been classified as a clinical condition, referred to as Female Sexual Interest/Arousal Disorder (FSIAD). Currently, there are very few approved drugs for this condition. Various causes have been identified as being responsible for female sexual complaints. Emotional Brain has developed an innovative, personalized approach centered around two medications that are designed to respond to the individual causes of FSIAD in each patient: Lybrido and Lybridos. These promising drug candidates are designed for on-demand use.

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Our team

At the helm of Emotional Brain are a dedicated, resourceful and highly experienced management team and Supervisory Board, supported by valuable advice from an expertly skilled and experienced Supervisory Board and Scientific Advisory Board. Our team members contribute experience in the pharmaceutical industry as well as specific expertise in the fields of drug discovery, clinical trials, finance and commercialization. Click below to learn more about them.

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In 2001, Adriaan Tuiten established Emotional Brain as a center for clinical and scientific research and education. Its focus is on innovative personalized medicine, and women’s sexual health in particular.

Emotional Brain is based in Almere, the Netherlands, and conducts fundamental scientific research into the causes of female sexual dysfunction and clinical research into treatment options. Two new potential drugs for on-demand use, Lybrido and Lybridos, have been developed.

Over the years, Emotional Brain has published numerous well-cited papers in respected, peer-reviewed scientific journals such as Archives of General Psychiatry, the Journal of Sexual Medicine, Psychoneuroendocrinology and the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.

An academic partnership with Utrecht University has resulted in two doctorates (PhD) in pharmacology, and a PhD program for other two doctoral candidates in statistics and pharmacology.

Emotional Brain’s personalized medicine approach has led to proprietary drug combinations, companion diagnostic devices and medication administration technologies.


Click here for a list of our scientific publications. These papers and posters are based on the clinical research that has been conducted since 2004. Emotional Brain has performed over 20 Phase 1 and Phase 2A trials and large-scale Phase 2B trials in 17 research sites in the US.


Emotional Brain’s FSIAD products Lybrido and Lybridos show high efficacy and safety in Phase 2B trials Click here


EB Medical Research is an independent business unit of Emotional Brain and operates as a site management organization, providing medical research and clinical trial services to companies in the pharmaceutical sector.


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